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May 21, 2010

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Citizen Report is a project of participatory journalism, ideated by Giovanni Minoli and promoted by Rai Educational, dedicated to those who want to spread their opinions and personal points of views about current events.

The project is developed around a website, an online video community and a tv format. Ten episodes, many issues around lifestyles and society, born from the contributions of video subscribers in the net community.
 The tv program requires the presence of a presenter on stage that, in relation to the theme of the episode, manages the video content posted by users on the Citizen Reports website, 
in order to establish a reciprocal interaction with them, producing the illusion of a real time dialogue. The result is the perfect integration between the broadcast TV model and the user-generated content.

FLV – Flyer Live Visuals, committed by TheBlogTV, develops FLxER Multicast, the interactive application for managing live video streams from a webcam (LiveStream mode) and files video (Broadcast mode) on a multi touch-screen monitor.

The application is a FLxER plug-in, the free software developed in Flash technology for real-time video mixing, and allows the direct management of video from an operator/presenter.

Through a simple action on a touch screen monitor the selected video clips is displayed full screen on the primary monitor.

The application is an useful tool of dynamic direction, easy to manage, for staging a television format that provides the interaction between a presenter, physically present on stage, and a series of virtual actors, which are the subjects of the video contributions.