Athens Digital Arts Festival 2019

Athens Digital Arts Festival 2019

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May, 10th 2019, 3:00 pm | May, 11th 2019, 12:00 am
May 10-11, 2019

Stadiou 41 ex shopping center FOKAS, Athens Greece, Athens, Greece

The World is a Hologram

Dating back to antiquity, theories which want us living in a hologram, apart from science fiction can also be endorsed by scientific data. Those who believe in the holographic theory of the universe, support that everything we know in our world are three-dimensional depictions of data, stored in a two-dimensional form somewhere at the edge of our universe. This automatically means that we are all closely bonded with everything around us, as part of one large unity where the present, past, and future coexist simultaneously.

Anything that ever existed, anything that exists, and all that will exist, merged in one unity…

The hologram is often described as a three-dimensional depiction, consisted of two light rays (e.g.laser) while in order to properly work it must be also lighted by a third one. A fundamental feature of holograms is that all data are circulated through the whole, meaning that even if cut in two, still each piece will maintain all information intact. In this case, we will get two identical but complete smaller holograms, proving that this segregation is only fictive.

The scientific community, have found itself in front of a predicament while discovering that whatever gets pass the event horizon of a black hole, as it can never leave, gets lost forever when the hole gets disembodied by Hawking Radiation. As a solution, mathematics was able to prove that when data gets pass an event horizon, they also get imprinted on its very surface, allowing them to escape and thus be maintained. This theory was named holographic principle and was considered eligible to be deducted on a universal level, arguing that the whole universe is the hologram reflection of two-dimensional data stored in its very borders.


10th MAY: K.BHTA​ & Voltnoi 

11th MAY: Stefanos Tsitsopoulos, Producer of Athens Voice Radio 102.5
                      On decks of the Tribute to the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival:
11th MAY: Performance “Evolution of the Garden” by Lily Hassioti and Dimitra Kousteridou