Accademia L’Oréal opening


Accademia L’Oréal opening

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Portfolio: Live Visuals
novembre, 4º 2007, 12:00 am | novembre, 4º 2007, 4:00 am
gennaio 14, 2017

Accademia L'Oréal, Milano Italy, Milano, Italy

During the opening of the new venue of Accademia L’Oreal in Milan, FLV – Flyer Live Visuals  acts a live video performance played side by side the live cutting show of Alessandro Santopaolo, founder and hair stylist of Contesta Rock Hair.

Big screens from the ground are the set design of the choreographic performance of creative hairdressing.

Completely focused on the theme of copper, the new seasonal Matrix hair color line, Nikky‘s video performance  is a carousel of images that have somewhat to do with the material in question.  The inside of an electric cable, the ancient tools of a kitchen, vintage stuff: every object comes to life, generating a continuous flash of sparkling reflections that evoke the warm shade of hair color trend of the season.

Lab9 instead play with vector images of skinny women leaping at geometrical depths, which are the double of the true models on the stage.

The live performance is enriched by real time shots, taken by a HD camera, focused on actors and spectators.