La musica elettronica: dai Festival al Clubbing

Portfolio: Learning

Eventlab continues his research into electronic music in Italy. The new 40 hours long course, is about the main historical festival and the most interesting emerging experiences throughout the country.

Club to Club from Torino, Dissonanze and LPM from Rome, Dancity Festival from Perugia, Plug n’Play from Salento, are the reference case history, analyzed in every stages of their development: from concept to production, from security to ticketing up to the statement.

Gianluca Del Gobbo participates as a lecturer at the course, bringing his experience as founder and curator of LPM – Live Performers Meeting, the only festival in Italy, entirely dedicated to vjing and audio-video performances.

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ottobre, 30º 2009, 12:00 am |
gennaio 19, 2017

Flyer communication, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Programming: Ottobre 2009
Duration: 40 Ore
Teachers: EventLab, Gianluca Del Gobbo
Price: 800
La musica elettronica: dai Festival al Clubbing