Oddstream Festival 2014

Oddstream Festival 2014

Portfolio: Live Visuals
agosto, 15º 2014, 12:00 am | agosto, 24º 2014, 12:00 am
August 15 - 24, 2014

De Lindenberg, Nijmegen Netherlands, Nijmegen, Netherlands

The Oddstream festival is an experience of art, design and technology. Ten days full of unique experiences in midsummer.

Ten days of art, design and technology
The Oddstream festival takes you ten days bring in the experience of art, design and technology. The festival is dedicated to peace versus incentives and you can see this reflected in both the exhibition and in the daily activities and be organized around the summer terrace. We are constantly engaged in communicating as a person, receive and transmit stimuli. As a result tranquility gradually until the ultimate luxury product is exalted. Oddstream takes you on a voyage of discovery and thereby forces you to always choose the rest of the stimuli and thus paired experience.

Summer terrace with daily activities
On the freely accessible summer terrace, you can sit down and relax, eat and drink and to view the latest technological developments and try. Every day there are various activities on the terrace of tasting high tech food to watching movies. We also organize Drift along with a club night, with Extrapool an augmented audio tour in the city; with the Soeterbeeck program at Radboud University two evenings with lectures, artist talks and performances and with the AIR Besiendershuis an artist in residence. There is every time something going on at the festival in a casual atmosphere.

Exhibition in the labyrinth of the Lindenberg
With its labyrinth of corridors Lindenberg makes a visit to the exhibition of Oddstream festival more exciting. Wandering through the rooms you pass art installations that respond often you or where you are part of. Still not so but work just comes to life. As with the underwater adventure ‘Submerged’ Yolanda Uriz. You experience here – lying on the ground with 3D glasses – optical illusion that you yourself under water. A strange sensation, because you can just breathe and you know you is not actually underwater.

Oddstream with its mix of art, technology and design a festival as we do not yet know in Gelderland. Discover Oddstream, explore every nook and cranny of the Lindenberg and continue the adventure.

Info: www.oddstream.nl