Lunchmeat 2011

Lunchmeat 2011

Portfolio: Live Visuals
marzo, 18º 2011, 12:00 am | marzo, 20º 2011, 12:00 am
March 18 - 20, 2011

International centre of contemporary art MeetFactory, Prague Czech Republic, Bio Oko, Prague Czech Republic, Bubenská EINS, Prague Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic

2nd edition of Lunchmeat Festival 

Here comes the Lunchmeat Festival after a year again ñ international show of electronic music, visual art and new media. The basic feature of the Lunchmeat festival remains the same as last year: a musician and a visualizer in an organic connection; visuals and sound as equal elements.

Lunchmeat has been always trying to bring some fresh names which have recently appeared at the audio-visual scene. It is the same this year. It is not about famous stars, it is not our priority. It is the quality that matters. It is obvious that we focus on new hot talents; nevertheless, more experienced artists are welcome as well. The visualizer Frances from artistic family Tagtool has been at the scene for over four decades. You can see her show on Saturday.

Except the ìtraditionalî MeetFactory venue we are expanding to Bio Oko and Superstudio Bubenska this year. We are also preparing site-specific projects at various venues in Prague (we canít tell you more, let be surprised let us surprise you). We are preparing two residential programs, one for MeetFactory and one for Bio Oko. Borise Edelstein and Steve Buchanan are going to turn into total cinephiles within these 14 days. They will be spending days and nights preparing a special site-specific show for Bio Oko. You can expect anything but boredom from the show called Rhythm Vision or Light, Sound + Death/L. S. D. The Spanish art group NinoViejo will give a new design to MeetFactory. They will give a special visual show that involves the new design of the venue, especially the stage.

The first day of the festival will take place in Bio Oko. There will be two lectures and audio-visual sets. They will range from total experiment (Steve Buchanan and his step piano), symbiosis of dance, graphics, and music (Nohista with a virtual dancer), to a more musical performance based on bass line, closely cooperating with reactive graphics (Skyence and Johannes).The well known founder of the Mapping Festival, Boris Edelstein, is also going to participate at the lectures, giving a talk on current VJ scene. He is going to give a show with the above mentioned Steve Buchanan later on.

After Bio Oko we will move to Superstudio Bubensk· close to metro Vltavsk· where events like Designblok or Code:Mode have taken place. The artists who rent ateliers here will have open studios here. Apart from this there will be a short audio-visual feature. Czech music projects Mimozem and Datalive, and visualizers from Pure A will be presented. This part in Bubensk· is organized together with Vice magazine and admission is free.

Raising stars of the electronic music and leading visual artists will be performing together in their sets on the second day. As mentioned above, the whole MeetFactory space will be full of fresh design and so it wonít come as a surprise that the main attraction of the night will be a show by Nino Viejo and a Border Community member, Luke Abbott.

Each of the performers will come with something quite special ñ Turnsteak with heavy electro hip-hop, Teebs with a bare skeleton of instrumental hip-hop, Luke Abbott with his combination of drone, ambient and techno and experiment going to the extremes and King Cannibal with reversed side of dnb. The visualizers will be represented by ODLM with abstract projecting onto mapped space, two members of Tagtool with perfect livedrawing, Akuzatif¥s dark melancholy and above mentioned NinoViejo.

Teebs will give a talk on Saturday within the Red Bull Music Academy Info Session. The enrolment for the next RBMA edition, that will take place in autumn in Tokyo, ends on April 4th. If you want to become a rising star who will be welcomed at our next festival, you have a unique occasion to learn at first hand


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