Open Call: 【1minute Projection Mapping in TOKYO】2022

Monday, 30 May 2022

Competition overview:

■ Competition Name:1minute Projection Mapping Competition in TOKYO
■ Theme:LIFE / 命・暮らし・人生
■ Planner:Projection Mapping Association of Japan

Projection Mapping Venue and Building Size;

Meiji Jingu Gaien Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery
(Address:1-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013 Japan)
(Google Map (
Building size of the projection plane: Width 112m, Height 32.1m ( Center dome apex)

Data content of submitted video: First Screening

Please submit the video exported from the “Projection_Preview” composition in the After Effects distribution template (format: h264, mp4 recommended, resolution: 1920 x 650).
Contents Length: 1min ~ 1min 59sec(more than 1 minute, less than 2 minutes)
Frame Rate:30/fps
Video Format: h264, MP4 recommended, audio included
Video data filename: Entrynumber_team_date.mp4
Ex) 001_tokyomapping_20220411.mp4

Award and Supplementary Prizes :

Grand Prize: 2 million yen (Aprox. 14,544.07 Euro) , trophy, supplementary prize, invited as guest creator for the next competition.
Second Prize: 500k yen ( Aprox. 3,636.00 Euro) , trophy, supplementary prize
Jury Prize: 200k yen (Aprox. 1,454.40 Euro) , trophy, supplementary prize
Organizer Award: 100k yen (Aprox 727.25 Euro) , trophy, supplementary prize
Audience Award: 100k yen (Aprox 727.25 Euro), trophy, supplementary prize

Deadline: 23.06.2022 (Japanese time GMT + 9, at 23:59:59) 

Info and Application form: