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Zone Attive

Live Visuals

giugno, 27º 2007, 12:00 am | giugno, 27º 2007, 4:00 am
marzo 30, 2020

Cantieri creativi: giovani idee cambiano l’Italia

Web & Mobile

Image for: Enzimi 2006
settembre 2006

New edition to the site of Enzimi, the festival-not festival of contemporary art, Italian and international. The website uses the…
Image for: FotoGrafia Litorale
giugno 2006

Realization of the microsite for the photo exhibition organized by the Waterfront Festival in Rome on Roman coastline.
Image for: Festival Fotografia 2006
febbraio 2006

This year the work on the site of the Photography Festival reconfirms philosophy already used in past years, combining elegance…
Image for: Go Card
luglio 2004

Draft strategy for online presence and creation of website for GO CARD, the youth card of the Municipality of Rome,…
Image for: Zone Attive 2004
aprile 2004

Strategic planning and implementation of the website. Graphical interface built entirely in Flash technology and content management platform fully managed…
Image for: Festival Fotografia 2004
marzo 2004

The creative concept of the website comes from the idea of giving visibility to the soul of the festival: the…
Image for: BJCEM 2003
novembre 2002

Study strategy and web presence for the Association Biennale des Jeunes Creators de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (BJCEM). The…
Image for: Zone Attive 2002
ottobre 2002

Zone Active is the company formed joint initiative of the Municipality of Rome and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to promote…
Image for: Biennale Giovani 2003
settembre 2002

The website of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean has made use of the E-code for…
Image for: EFA 2002
agosto 2002

European Film Awards ceremony is the event that awards prizes of European cinema. The website was created by Flyer Communications…
Image for: Enzimi 2002
luglio 2002

Enzymes is the festival of contemporary art, Italian and international, represented in all its forms and expressed in the most…
Image for: Festival Letterature 2002
maggio 2002

The creative concept of the website comes from the idea of giving visibility to the peculiarities of the formula Art…
Image for: Festival Fotografia 2002
aprile 2002

The creative concept of the website follows the direction of graphic, dear universe of photography. For handling the event and…
Image for: I Festival di Roma
marzo 2002

The website of the Rome Film Festival is a virtual meeting place and cultural production, open to innovations and representations…